Interaction of java , polygonjs and web animation

I am writing a web application in Java and would like the program to display a 3D model after the user selects certain settings. (Only what textures will be installed on it depends on the settings).

But unfortunately I don’t know how to run a polygon scene from java and how to apply user settings to the scene

Does anyone have a test project or advice on how to do this?
thanks for answers

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Just to be sure, by java you mean javascript, is that correct?
Otherwise, I don’t know a way to run java in a browser, so I’d have to investigate.

If you are indeed meaning javascript, the sample code on github could give you a starting point: GitHub - polygonjs/polygonjs: node-based WebGL design tool. Let me know if they don’t help.

But if not, could you maybe share a sample code of what you already have? It may then be easier to add polygonjs code to it.