Texture Node in meshStandardBuilder

Hello, having a little problem assigning a texture to an override inside meshStandardBuilder in 1.3.6-1 (local). Is there something I missed on how to use it?

If I assign the texture node via the texture properties of the meshStandardBuilder, the texture gets displayed as intended, however as soon I connect something from globals to the uv override of the output the geometry disappears.


I’d expect to see the texture go black, or the emissive to not have any effect, but not to have geometry disappear. There may be an error in the browser dev console when that happens, could you forward it if you see one?

Otherwise, here is how it works ( you can see it in this live scene ):

  1. It looks like you’ve set up the nodes inside the material builder correctly.

  2. I’m not sure why the texture1 node has a textureMap spare param. That should instead be added to the parent material node, in the advanced tab (which should be done automatically). That’s where you would select the texture node from.

  1. For emissive maps, there is an additional gotcha compared to other types of maps. It gets multiplied by the emissive parameter of the material. Since it is 0 by default, the map you add would have initially no effect. So just set that emissive color parameter to 1,1,1.

Does that clarify things?

Thanks for your reply, I didn`t know where the spare paramater was added so I thought I add one myself. Doing the assignment like you showed in picture 2 is working fine.
Thanks for your help!

Great, thank you for letting me know.
And you’re not the first to be confused by this, so I’ll work on making this step clearer.

In 1.3.9, I’ve added:

  • hints to explain where to find the parameter generated by the texture node
  • a button to open the material parameters in a modal, without having to navigate up

This also adds the same to the other nodes that add a parameter to the material: