Applying transforms and effects to imported GTLF geometries

I’m trying to apply a scatter effect to a custom model (exported from Blender) I’ve imported as a .GLB. My eventual goal is to export the result for use with React 3 fiber, however I’m stuck on applying effects to the imported geometry, and so far unable to find instructions or examples in the documentation.
Thanks for any help

Can this example scene maybe help? scatter_glb

In most .glb, the geometry is under a hierarchy, with a least one parent. For now the scatter node is not yet able to process objects that are under an object, so you’d need to extract it. In this case, you can use the hierarchy node to remove the parent. If there are multiple parents, you can the levels parameter.

If you have a more complex hierarchy in your .glb, could you share the model? I can probably update the scatter node to be more flexible. Alternatively, you could also try 2 potential work arounds: export your model so that all meshes are merged into one, or use the sop/code node to traverse the hierarchy and output only the meshes you need at the top level.