Polygonjs Roadmap

Now that there is a forum (and a discord), I find it a little easier to share my plans for what is to come regarding Polygonjs.

So I’ve recently added 2 big features:

  • actor nodes, which let you manage states & events, in a procedural way.

  • poly nodes, which are nodes combining multiple nodes. Similar to Houdini HDA/OTLs. You’ll be able to re-use those across scenes and share them with anyone.

I’ll record a video about those very soon.

Then I’ve also added a long list of other tools I want to integrate Polygonjs with. For quite a few of those, the work is already done, but it’s a matter of making it clear how it works. For instance, you can already import gltf files created by blender or Houdini. And you can already deploy the exported scenes to netlify or github pages. But at least I need to make a specific tutorial for each of those cases.

So here is at least a rough order at which I’ll make those integrations more visible.

  • So first I’ll show how to deploy your scenes on webflow.

  • Then I’ll make the vuejs component open source.

  • And after that I’ll make a tutorial on how to import geometries from Houdini. I hope to show how to import static geometries, animated characters and also non-characters (which would then need custom GLSL to have a VAT - vertex animated textures).

  • Then I’ll open source a react component.

  • After that I’ll investigate how a figma plugin could be used.

And once those are done, I’ll go through the remaining list of integrations.

Happy to hear any feedback about any of those integrations either before they are ready (if you have use cases you really hope to see), or also once a first version is released. And if you think of other tools that are not on the list, I’m keen to hear that too.

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