VR with first person camera

Hi everyone,
is there a way to use FPS camera with orbit controlled by headset instead of mouse movement?
I’m working with a PICO 4 headset and I would like to use joystick input to override WASD keys.

Interesting use case, I’d be very curious to see that.

And I was initially thinking you could have the FPS camera and get its position, while viewing through a second camera parented under it and rotate that one with custom controls. But that wouldn’t work as the current FPS controls can only work on a camera directly used on the viewer.

But there are still 2 options that come to mind:

  • use one of the AR or VR examples, and you may be able to use the actor nodes to move the camera. I had done some tests where it was preferable to teleport the camera (which could be done with a simple setObjectPosition ), but you may very well do a constant position change. There is now simple node to link WASD for that though, you’d have to use a code node or a plugin.

  • create a custom node, using as a starting point the current FPS controls